Modera Central Rendering

Modera Rendering | By Modera at Mill Creek, Central

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According to the Orlando Business Journal, a groundbreaking ceremony is set for a new 22-Story high rise apartment building in Downtown Orlando October 26th.

This most likely means that the construction of the high-rise, Modera at Mill Creek, Central, will start very soon. The downtown skyline will look a little different once this Mill Creek Residential apartment building is raised above Rosalind Avenue and Central Boulevard. It will be at the epicenter of South Eola and the Central Business District.

Modera will boast 350 luxury apartment units, an elevated pool deck, and 35,000 square feet of commercial space. This adds to the residential options downtown and will help meet the ever growing demand for downtown living.

Modera at Mill Creek’s debut is planned for the Fall of 2018.